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Business License Reviews

 FTCL can also provide the following services:

  • Accounting remediation
  • Internal audit
  • Documentation and advice on internal systems and controls
  • Audit committee representation
  • Forensic investigations
  • Succession planning
  • Expert witness testimony



Accounting remediation

FTCL has provided accounting remediation services to a number of local businesses, including retail operations, non-for-profit organizations and a government entity.  When a business is behind in accounting for whatever reason, it becomes difficult for the staff to remedy the situation as they try to keep pace with the day-to-day operations. Sometimes there are reporting deadlines that need to be met but due to IT changes or staff shortages cannot be handled internally.  FTCL can provide the staff and the management to bring your accounting up to date.

Internal audit

Internal audit provides a constant ongoing review of your systems and controls and for companies regulated in The Bahamas, it is becoming an integral part of their business.  We can provide the internal audit function  developed to your needs.    

Documentation and advice on internal systems and controls

Many companies do not document their systems and controls.  Documentation can guide new staff in their role and can assist existing staff by confirming processes that need to be followed and setting protocol for situations that may arise infrequently. In producing the documentation we can identify areas of weakness in your systems and controls and advise on how they can be strengthened. 

Audit committee representation

The directors of FTCL are on the audit committees of a number of different companies, both locally and internationally.  As former partners of big four accounting firms, Maria and Alison have in depth knowledge of the audit process and can provide valuable advice and perspective to the audit committee.

Succession planning and exit strategies

FTCL can advise on succession planning and exit strategies for businesses dependent on one or a small number of key management personnel or for shareholders in family owned businesses.

Forensic investigations

FTCL staff has been involved in a number of forensic investigations. FTCL has relationships with other service providers internationally who can provide forensic expertise in other jurisdictions. Maria Ferere and Terrance Bain are both qualified as Certified Financial Forensic Analysts with NACVA.  

Expert witness testimony

FTCL can provide expert witness testimony in areas in which they are considered to have sufficient knowledge to qualify them as experts. Specific testimonies given by FTCL directors have been related to valuations and fund administration.

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