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Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

FTCL staff has experience in all areas of corporate finance and restructuring. If you are considering any of the following FTCL can assist you in:

  • buying a business (acquisitions)
  • merging with another business (merger)
  • selling a business (disposal)
  • looking for investors in your business either privately or public (IPO and private placement)
  • obtaining financing
  • planning for the future (business plans)
  • setting up a new business (feasibility studies)
  • valuing your business (valuations)

Mergers and acquisitions

In connection with mergers and acquisitions, FTCL can:

  • advise on the value of the business being acquired or businesses being merged
  • analyze the data room information
  • advise on the strategy and the offer
  • assist in negotiations
  • review agreements and letters between the parties
  • assist in the due diligence process


FTCL can assist in:

  • establishing a value for the business to be sold
  • preparing an information memorandum for potential
  • negotiating with potential acquirers
  • setting up and hosting a data room
  • advising on agreements and letters

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and private placements

FTCL can:
  • advise on the structure
  • assist in the preparation of an offer document
  • advise on the value
  • assist in identifying investors
  • assess financing options
  • assist in the preparation of projections for inclusion in the IPO document.


FTCL can assist in:
  • determining the optimal financial structure
  • preparing the financing memorandum
  • preparing projections to be included in the financing memorandum.

Business plans

FTCL has the expertise to put together a business plan based on management’s expectations regarding the future of their business. This plan can be used for internal purposes, to obtain financing or for a disposal or capital restructuring of the business.

Feasibility studies

When entering into a new business, it is imperative to the investors that they assess the feasibility of the operation. FTCL can manage the process or assist in the preparation of a feasibility study using either management’s expertise or external experts to prepare financial projections.


Many of the above mentioned corporate finance applications require the assessment of the value of a business. There are also other instances when a value is required such as in litigation. Alison Treco is qualified as a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and is a member of the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) in the United States. FTCL can perform valuations of entities and income streams.

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